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09-25-2011, 09:06 AM
Whether or not you want beams will really depend on your play-style. Some people love beams and BO 3 (and FAW), others love cannons and CRF 3 (and CSV), some like both and tend to mix and match. I tend to prefer all cannons on my Escorts but have mixed in a dual-beam bank every so often on different alts.

By picking one or the other you can specialize more - and get a little more effect out of one type or the other - but that is really only important in PvP. You can be equally good with either, both, and even wild Skill choices when playing PvE. So really just go with what is the most fun for you. Maybe you love seen beams streaking across the sky or maybe you love seeing rapid bursts shooting out. There is no one best way to do it. Just what is best for you.