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Originally Posted by eg180 View Post
Can't you go escort now and then switch to cruiser at a later rank? I like the Lieutenant Commander cruisers, (I currently have one with my engineering character) but I'm looking forward to the later cruisers. In fact, I almost wish I'd gone escort for my Lieutenant Commander ship. Escorts have weaker hulls but better turn rates and you can equip pulse phaser weapons on them. Pulse phaser weapons have narrow firing arcs but they significantly shorten a battle (I have some on my Light Cruiser for my science lieutenant character.)
I can't due to "Heavy Escort Captain" 50% of that carries on.
If I go with cruiser I would do "Heavy Cruiser Captain"...

Originally Posted by Justice_Omega
I prefer escorts simply because of the fact that they are much more maneuverable than a cruiser, and as such can much more effectively bring to bear the weapons which have a small firing arc. It's true that they have less survivability than a cruiser, but not as much as you'd think, due to you as a tac not having access to the top end engineering captain skills. Escorts have fierce burst damage and the ability to move in and out of combat much easier than cruisers, which means once you get the hang of them, you will be getting shot at far less than you would with a cruiser, so the lower hull is less of a detriment. Add into that the fact that you will be killing things on average about 30% faster (anecdotal by my own experience) further offsets the lower hull points as well.

Basically though it comes down to play style, if you prefer the "stand your ground" method, you will need a cruiser, because until you get the high end gear, escorts just are suitable for this, and even when you have that gear, it's still razor's edge in those situations. If you prefer the "hit and run' method, use an escort. Keep in mind they were designed for using this method, and this is where an escort shines.
I will stick with escorts
I don't like slow boring combat...
Sounds like escort will provide me with some more fast paced action...