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# 1 Withdrawing from PvP
09-25-2011, 06:17 PM
Hello Dear PvP'ers.

I must regret to say this but in the last few months there have been very little good PvP left.

Furthermore I think Cryptic is going to wrong way with PvP and I dont think its a good thing for both the current and the upcoming F2P Players. Its all about money, its all about P2W, its all about C$tore and PvE.

The current changes that are being introduced for testing and eventually hit holodeck are just a response to the F2P being released soon. All the revamp of abilities is merely to make the game more attractive, but without any decent thought of balance in mind.

I'm sorry dear PvP'ers, but this is how it is.
Ofcourse this decision will surely impact my playtime in STO, since PvPing was the only part of the game I liked. And Im pretty sure more of you will eventually end up in my situation, meaing Cryptic will lose even moar end-game players to SWTOR.

I hope SWTOR gives me moar pleasure in PvP'ing.