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09-25-2011, 10:36 PM
Hey yall! Here's an update on what's going down in the coolest fleet around this week!!

TEAM NIGHT TUESDAYS: On Tuesdays at 9:30 pm EASTERN TIME, we'll have a player's choice event, mixing it up some with Events Planner Jaye! What we do depends on who comes, so get on Teamspeak and STO, and get ready to rock!

FURBALL THURSDAYS: NEW!!!! This event was specially designed for our members that live in nonUS type time zones and may have trouble making our other events. They're player's choice type missions, hosted by our favorite furball MRall at 3:00 EASTERN TIME. So hop on STO and have some fun!!!

FIGHT NIGHT FRIDAYS: On Fridays, we take on the Borg to defend the Federation and kick some cybernetic butt with Borg Deep Space Encounters. So get on Teamspeak and STO on Friday nights at 9:30 EASTERN TIME, and get ready to ROCK!

LOTUS FLEET MOVIE NIGHT SATURDAYS, with a PVP INTEREST MEETING: This week we will have A MOVIE NIGHT! We will watch The Search for Spock, starting at 9 Pm eastern. Links will be provided to those who do not have the DVD or Netflix. We will also have a PVP interest meeting, looking for an elite cadre of members to compromise our Lotus Fleet Hazard Team. If you are interesed, I and Battle Lion will be available to answer all your questions. This takes place at 1pm Eastern time.

LOTUS FLEET STF SUNDAYS: On Sunday we will have an STF event! We will do the Borg STF Infected, the easiest and fastest STF. However this is still a higher level event, with REAR ADMIRAL LOWER HALF 3 as the MINIMUM LEVEL REQUIREMENT. This will be at 3 pm Eastern Time.

And don't fporget to check out the Events Master Thread, with pics and sumamries of all the events we have done so far as well as the Lotus Fleet forums!


See yall around!