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09-26-2011, 12:48 AM
I fly a tac vor'cha,

for cons you have more firepower then a eng cruiser, but you are more squishy, at times the preferred target of the other team in pvp.

What abilities you want depend a great deal on your playstyle, a tac cruiser, especially a vor'cha can be flown somewhat like a really big escort, so if that is what you like, want, you would want for example aux2id skills to keep up the movement and get your cannons onto the target.

A tac cruiser with cannons is more about pressure damage, while with beams you can sneak in some good spike damage with DBBs but have lower pressure damage.

Otherwise, the standard abilities will do you fine, EPTS, ET, TT, TSS, TS, Aux2Sif, etc