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09-26-2011, 09:36 AM
*left hand*
"I'm going to start working on our relationship with the pvp community by communicating with them and start working on some of their biggest complaints about balance. While I know pvp doesn't represent the majority of our subs, they're still loyal Sto fans who pay every month the same as the rest of our subscribers. I wonder what right hand is thinking about. He's deep in thought about something over there. I better not disturb him."

*right hand*
"we need to continue to keep the interest of our pve'rs with new flashy stuff. There are only so many outfits and pets they will buy, so we should make the actual gameplay flashier and easier to make of up for the actual lack of new pve content. Man I wish it was as easy as just giving the pvp'ers a couple of new maps that they would be happy to play over and over again. Oh well. I wonder what left hand is doing? No time to ask, I just had another idea to buff phaser proc rate I gotta work on"