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09-26-2011, 11:54 AM
I had a similar idea while playing Arkham Asylum and using the sequencer gadget. Your ship goes and investigates a super nova or dying star, or something where the whole of the ship needs to be protected from a shockwave or radiation or both. Using the A,S,W,D, and arrow keys, you need to match your ship's shields to the correct frequency in the time given to protect your ship in addition so your sensor data isn't corrupted. There would be 3 waves of shield adjustments needed.

This would be a more complex version of data sample gathering. Fail all 3, your ship explodes from shockwave damage and no data is retrieved, fail 2 of the waves, critical ship damage but you keep some data (crafting material), fail 1 wave, minor damage, small stack of data samples and chance to get a rare trace. Beat all 3 rounds, a large stack of common data samples and 2 or 3 rare traces.