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09-26-2011, 11:05 AM
My Ens. Eng slot is currently set to EPtE. Gives a nice boost when you need to move quickly.

I noticed you aren't running 2 copies of EPtS. I'm under the impression that 2 copies of EPtS is pretty much a must for cruisers. If I were you, I'd replace DEM 1 with EPtS2.

Your LT Sci power should probably be Hazard Emitters. It's a wonderful hull heal for you or a team mate, and it eliminates 'peng/plasma radiation and that pesky Borg Shield Neutralizer. If you fight the Borg Hazard Emitters is a MUST.

Your LT Tac power should probably be TS2... it's far too powerful of a tool to be without, both PvE and PvP.

The setup I'm running.

Eng BOff 1: EPtW, RSP, EPtS3, Warp Plasma or Extend Shields depending on if I need to heal others or not.
Eng BOff 2: Eng Team, Aux to ID, EPtS3
Eng BOff 3: EPtE

Sci BOff: Polarize or Sci Team (Pol for Borg, Sci to clear scramble for PvP), Hazard Emitters

Tac BOff: FAW or Tac Team (PvE or PvP), TS2

That's a pretty adaptable setup for most any situation. Many people think 2x EPtS3 is overkill, but it makes this thing one heck of a tank. Versus the Borg draw aggro with FAW and let them pound away while the rest of the team kills. As long as the shields are up I can take the plasma balls and spreads without much of an issue. In PvP it usually takes 2 escorts with sci or cruiser support to take me down... that means two of my teammates aren't being targeted. I've been in more than a few matches where the opposing team will try to kill me only to give up and move on to easier targets.