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# 1 Ship's Armor
09-26-2011, 12:12 PM
Here I want to discuss which you think is the best armor you think to use on any ship as I am having diffculty understand which is the best to use for my sovereign class. Even though canonly it is stated to have ablative armor but in the game you have Neutronium Alloy which can protect a ship from all kinetic and energy types in the game and its highest mark is 12. So which would you use the genereal, the canonly stated ablative armor or the Neutronium Alloy? I know each armor has a specific use depending who your fighting against but here i would like to know which one would you use overall?

Edit: I do apologise if a thread like this has been made before I have looked but could not find one and I have also looked on STO wiki but it doesn't give alot of details on the subject other than a chart.