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09-26-2011, 11:13 AM
I'm assuming this is for PvE.

Lt. Cmr Eng: EPtS I, RSP I, AuxDamp II / EWP II / AF II depending on need
Ens Eng: EPtS I

Lt. Sci: PH I, ST II or TSS II
Anti-Borg Lt. Sci: PH I, HE II or TSS II

Lt. Tac: TS:Engines I, BO II or BO I, APB II. Substitute FAW for BO if it suits your playstyle
Anti-Borg Lt. Tac: TT I, APB II

TS: Engines and EWP are a good combo to keep something from moving. You can run four EPtX skills in sequence without difficulty. AF (Aceton Field) is a good power to use on boss mobs as it reduces their energy weapon damage by 50% for 30 seconds and does a weak radiation DoT. Aux to Dampeners is a good defensive power that's especially useful against the B'ger torp spreads.

For PvE I would consider Polarize Hull is a must-have ability considering how many mobs use Tractor Beams. Sci Team is a good shield heal and counter for SNB. For the Borg swap Sci Team for Hazard Emitters or Transfer Shield Strength (on one hand HE counters the Borg shield neutralizer but they spam that so much you're going to lose shields unless the fight is over quick. On the other hand TSS is a great shield heal for yourself or others. I'd lean towards HE for the Borg, though). I never really had a use for the sensor jamming/scrambling abilities in PvE, but if you're set on that then run with it. I hear it gives PvPer's fits.

Your Tac BOff skills are largely dependent upon how you play. BO and APB are good general Tac skills to have. Versus the Borg you need Tac Team. You'll probably get more mileage out of Target Engines than Shields or Weapons because most NPC's don't have high engine power so you have a good chance of stopping them completely even with level 1 of the power. A stationary target is REALLY easy to hit.

Hope that helps.