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09-26-2011, 12:10 PM
You have a Sovereign which has 4 eng consoles.

I will assume that one of those is taken up by the +35% shield capacity console because I don't think anyone should leave spacedock without it.

That leaves three spots for armor assuming you do not wish to make use of any other types of console.

In the case of using all three slots for armor;
  • Neutronium Alloy
  • Tetraburnium Alloy
  • Diburmium Alloy

Diburmium is specifically tailored to fight off phasers and Disruptors, the two most common weapon types you will face.
Neutronium strikes a nice balance between kinetic and all-energy protection.
Tetraburnium covers the rest of the energy spectrum that Diburmium doesn't cover.

So you get one 'layer' of kinetic protection and two 'layers' of energy protection with slightly extra phaser/disruptor resistance.

If you only want to use two consoles for armor I suggest;
  • Neutronium Alloy
  • Ablative Hull Armor

Neutronium because it covers both energy and kinetic, Ablative because it covers phasers and Disruptors plus several other energy types.

If you only want to use one armor console I suggest Neutronium because it protects against both energy and torpedoes.