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09-26-2011, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
I tried the whole Eng in an MVAM thing... couldn't ever get it to deal damage like I wanted, so I went back to a cruiser. I really think engineers get gimped in PvP. I've seen tac officers successfully pilot all 3 ship types, I've seen Sci officers really clean up in escorts... but the engineers are pretty much stuck to cruisers b/c all our abilities focus on survival. That's why I started leveling a Tac toon... and once I get it to VA I probably won't play my Eng so much.
Engineer (Engineering Captain) powers are mostly self-focused, and then mostly healing focused.
I think they work best for Cruisers, Science Vessels and Carriers, if you focus each on healing support. Your self-heals are for the gaps in your defense rotation that are created by healing others.

For PuGging, an Engineering Escort might be interesting, but for the real job of the Escort - Spike damage - you are better off as a Tac with all hs damage buffs, or as a Scientist simply because you get Subnucleonic Beam.