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09-26-2011, 01:32 PM
Yes it is still winable,

once you warp in, take out the cube, probes and spheres in the middle, have the tank kite the tac cube to the left gate.
Whiel the others head to sit behind the left gate.
Start pounding the tac cube ones its in range of the people behind the gate, for bonus effect, try to keep the tac cube about 5-7km in front of the left gate when it blows.
That will take out the first wave of probes right there for you.
Then pound on the gate till the shield is up, ignore the spheres, once the shield is up and all probes are gone. speed over to the wave from the right gate. Take out the probes, spheres, mob up the remaining spheres and get back behind the left gate. Repeat as long as needed to bring the left gate down.
If your sci has gravwell, the better, have him fire it at the probes, it will clump them all together and you can quickly finish them off with scatter volley, torpedo spread.

Once the left gate is down, there is obviously no need to zip back and forth between the gates anymore, which makes it easier, IF:

Have the tank kite one of the cubes away, usually the right one, no one else should attack the cube, keep pets in for now as well. Once the cube is out of range of the weapons, take care of the remaining cube. Then behind the right gate, pound, destroy probes, spheres, pound gate till its down. The tank keeps the lone cube occupied during all this and kites it away from the gate. this prevents more cubes from spawning.