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hi. every play super nintendo street fighter 2? im the best at ryu and will own you forever at it if you muster up the game and console. Ever hear of "Mace" for n64? Alrashid will 15 hit combo your *** with me at controls. Starfleet Command 3? I have played that game 20 yrs after it came out. Still fun.

What this ramble MEANS, is that whatever STO is or will be Ill still be logging in to kick your *** or die trying. If you step into the arena sooner or later your are going to get faced with an enemy that you cant counter. Step your game up or break out mortal kombat and practice fatalities. To those that will remain cloaked in wait in kerrat and storming the queues i salute you. To those waiting for open pvp, romulans, and the joyous fruit of this overdue harvest, Im with you!

Until the servers die