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the First PvP'er Himself, the eightfold path is the only way to the Void*. It avoids the extreme of self-torture that weakens one's PvP intellect and the extreme of self-indulgence that ******* PvP progress.
It consists of the following eight factors:
Right Understanding
Right Thoughts
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

is the knowledge of the Four Noble Truths. In other words, it is the understanding of oneself as one really is as one plays PvP.
Do you drift to far out of your teams path and become unhealable?
Do you move in too close too target and find your self out-turned often?
Everyone has a different play style. Everyone has faults.
The keynote of PvP is this Right Understanding. PvP, as such, is based on knowledge and experience in oneself and that garnered from others.

are threefold.
They are:
>The renunciation* of methods which are opposed to fair play with the rules as the exist.
>No chat instead of harsh words that provoke ill will.
>Actions of harmlessness which are opposed to PvE griefing cruelty. These tend to purify the mind for PvP ahead.

deals with refraining from falsehood, stealing, slandering and harsh words in the chat, forums or open voice within earshot of others.

deals with refraining from killing, stealing and lack of charity when dealing with those new to the tenats of PvP. It helps one to develop a character that is self-controlled and mindful of rights of others thus to purify the mind for PvP ahead.

deals with the Four Methods of PvP that should be avoided by a lay disciple.
They are:
>trade in the seeking of unsportsmanlike advantages in PvP.
>trade in the PvE or new to PvP for slaughter.*
>trade in False slanders of others warriors or playrs of PvP.
>trade in the passing of unsportsmanlike advantages in PvP.
Right Livelihood means earning one's living in a way that is not harmful to others.

is fourfold, namely:
>the endeavor to discard false PvP pratices that has already arisen.
>the endeavor to prevent the arising of false PvP pratices in the future of your journey
>the endeavor to develop that postive PvP pratices which has already arisen and nuture them
>the endeavor to promote that postive PvP pratices which has not already arisen and nuture them

Effort is needed to cultivate Good Conduct or develop one's mind, because we are often distracted or tempted to take the easy way out of things. The First PvP'er teaches that attaining balance, confidence and PvP enlightenment depends upon one's own efforts. Effort is the root of all achievement. If one wants to get that kill, just sitting at the UI for pvp thinking about it will not bring one there. It is by making the effort of doing that we move, step by step, that eventually the summit is and one enters PvP enjoyment. Thus, no matter how great the First PvP'ers achievement may be, or how excellent His pratices are, one must put the Teaching into practice before desired results can be obtained and focus of skills achieved.

is also fourfold:
>mindfulness with regard to builds
>mindfulness with regard to purpose, both in team or without.
>mindfulness with regard to where the enemy is on the field of battle
>mindfulness with regard to objects and abilites the enemy uses on the field of battle.

Right Mindfulness is the awareness of one's deeds, words and thoughts in chat as well as one's action in the field of battle that brings victory without ego.

PvP meditation means the gradual process of training the mind and body to learn, focus and function as one on comfortable pratice of PvP methods.combo's and ideas and to remain fixed upon these pratices wavering only to expand on new knowledge. The constant practice of PvPmeditation helps to develop a calm and concentrated mind, pro-active in function on the field of battle and reactive by design tactically and helps to prepare for the ultimate attainment of pvp Zen.

* means to renounce something for one's own self growth.
* take turns for Zens sake. lol PvP without humor is wasted. One can not have Slaughter without Laughter
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In the Way of strategy, also, those who study as warriors think that whatever they cannot understand in their craft is the void. This is not the true void.

Then you will come to think of things in a wide sense and, taking the void as the Way, you will see the Way as void.

In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness.
I have actually experienced this. Iether it be real, induced or artificial from damned good healing ( i tend to jump in harms way alot in PvP) I've been there when it all just clicks together beautifully.