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09-27-2011, 12:01 AM
"A: Basically, we no longer plan to sell playable species when we go F2P (and will most likely stop selling them prior as well). Premium playable species such as Liberated Borg, Caitians, Klingon Fed, and Joined Trill will not be sold but will instead remain premium rewards for either lifetime membership, veteran rewards, or unlocked via some other in game mechanism. In addition, some species such as Fed Ferengi, Rigelian, Tellarite, and Pakled will become free additional default species. If we introduce new species in the future, they will most likely be tied to unlocking some achievement or special reward in game, but the details are TBD."

This is of note to me, and I apologize if it's been asked, but what happens to those of us who SPENT MONEY on these "premium" races? This is an especially important question with regard to TELLARITES who are unplayable because of a bug that causes crashes, and have been unplayable since they were introduced.

Can I anticipate a refund?