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09-27-2011, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
I cast my vote for Neutronium Alloy. My preference is that no ship should be without this armor, much like people say to always have the +35 cap to shields console (Which I recommend on all ships except the defiant)
This armor protects you from all energy, and kinetic damage. There are three most common weapon types in the game.(If you are only doing FED vs FED PvP, which is what I do) Phaser, Tetyon, & Anti-Proton.
Since I fly the defiant, I can't afford to have more then two armors, so I have Neutronium Alloy. If you can have two armors, Then I would do Ablative, and Neutronium Alloy. If you can devote 3 slots to armor, I would do +35 to kinetic, Ablative, and Tetraburnium. That will save you from pretty much all energy, and torpedoes.
Cool. May I ask why not have the 35% max shield cap for the defiant class?