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Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
Cool. May I ask why not have the 35% max shield cap for the defiant class?
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Probably cause it only has 2 eng slots. I'm running the defiant, and I'm using Tetraburnium and Diburnium, as I mentioned above. If I used the field generator, I would be leaving my hull exposed to half of the damage types out there.

Think of it this way. Let's say you have around 6,000 shields on your defiant. Is it better to bump that up by 35%, or to add resistance to 30,000 hp of hull? In my opinion the extra 35% shield is less important than extra hull resistance. Paired with a hull repair ability, you can probably tank with your hull just as well as with your shield. Not that the Defiant can tank at all, mind you.

Also keep in mind that I believe the Defiant has an overall 90% shield modifier. Basically the defiant shields(and all escorts for that matter) are made of glass. You can use some boff skills to keep you in the fight for a while (reverse shield polarity) but in the long run if you plan to stick around, plan to be needing hull resists.

Also note that I'm talking about PVP here. You can get away with a lot in PVE that you can't in PVP.
I agree with this post. See, in my opinion, the 35% max shield cap console really is only good against alpha strikes. So lets say a klink, or a fed, decloaks and unloads everything he has at you. Your shields are basically what stops him from killing you. If your shields are only 6,000 he can do that pretty easily. But if your shields are 9,000, then it will take a little more firepower to take those shields down, and you will have a better chance of survival. With the Defiant-R,(and pretty much all escorts) I think it is best to hull tank since like the above post said,"Escorts have a shield modifier of .9). Cruisers have a shield modifier of 1.0, and Science vessals have a shield modifier of 1.3. With the aegis set, and the 35% max shield cap console, a Science ships shields can be 14,865. So with escorts, and especially the defiant, you want hull armor.

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(reverse shield polarity)
You don't want RSP on an escort because it only lasts for 6 seconds, and the second it ends, you are going to be dead. You are better going with Emergency Power to Shields 1 & 2.