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09-27-2011, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by 2ID-Dang
I think the problem with increasing cool down on tactical teams is that its a ability that tactical captains have to keep them alive in pvp. As engineer captains have rotate shields, etc, tactical captains can have the tactical team ability, since most tactical captains have lower hit points already.

Really, maintaining the shield rebalance as it is, is a main concern of mine. IMO.
Tactical Captains who are tryin to keep alive longer rather than blow stuff up faster are doing it wrong Max out your alpha strike and you hardly need shields.

dont forget you can still use the arrow keys to balance your shield facings, you shouldnt be so dependant on a skill to do it for you that you cant function without it......

Im one of them old timers who dropped in for a look...not much changed, actually a little dissapointing to see so little difference after 4 months break...

Bring on F2P where new content will pay the bills