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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Aside from the Vault, where you need to use a shuttle. Only player-organized events, like Shuttle Wars, come to my mind.

Fun stuff to do in a Shuttle:
1) The Vault
2) Level your 7th or so char in a Shuttlecraft.
3) Get as many friends as you can for Shuttle PvP (Shuttle Wars)
4) Get 5 friends and go hunt some ships in DSEs (SHuttle Wars, PVE Edition)
5) Gather the Delta Flyer parts

Things not to do with a Shuttle, because it's rude.
1) A STF
2) Join the regular PvP Queue
3) Join a Red Alert action.
1 VA with Beam Overload 1 in a Peregrine with 1 Mark XI purple dual beam array and 1 Mark XI Hargh'Peng = good probe duty. Add a science player to the mix and you got a tiny fleet of distractions for the mother ship.