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09-27-2011, 01:00 PM
OK I decided to reactive my account after a year to see what STO has to offer. I am currently having a couple of issues hopefully someone can help me out with.

I got the quest to go to Starbase 24. So I go there and enter the queue. I do the battle and it pops up with the reward saying I got 1st place. Before You used to get some sort of blue item well this time I got some sort of token. StarBase 24 token common token or something similar to that. My question is what do you use these tokens for?

Another issue I had is once the battle was complete I was attempting to beam down to the Starbase to finish the quest. Well I never got the option to beam down and after exploring around in the interface I get to in progress missions and it says "Secondary Mission" I was ineligible for it when I received it for some reason. I tried leaving group but that didn't work I even did the battle again and the same thing happened. Any advice would be appreciated.