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Originally Posted by AdmiralSchaal View Post
OK I decided to reactive my account after a year to see what STO has to offer. I am currently having a couple of issues hopefully someone can help me out with.

I got the quest to go to Starbase 24. So I go there and enter the queue. I do the battle and it pops up with the reward saying I got 1st place. Before You used to get some sort of blue item well this time I got some sort of token. StarBase 24 token common token or something similar to that. My question is what do you use these tokens for?

Another issue I had is once the battle was complete I was attempting to beam down to the Starbase to finish the quest. Well I never got the option to beam down and after exploring around in the interface I get to in progress missions and it says "Secondary Mission" I was ineligible for it when I received it for some reason. I tried leaving group but that didn't work I even did the battle again and the same thing happened. Any advice would be appreciated.
I haven't SB24 in quite a while, I don't know that the token you are referring to is. As to your second question, if you've already done the secondary ground missions on that character, you can't do the mission again. There is mission replay available for all of the story missions. Patrol missions and Fleet Action missions, like SB24 ground, aren't in the mission replay system at the moment.