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09-27-2011, 03:01 PM
I'd be content with a Tier 6 Galaxy-X with the updates coming to the game. Otherwise, the ship performs well in the hands of the competent as it is.

Sure, it turns slow. There are ways to avert this glaring problem for the skilled player though (bait the enemy into tailgating at close range as ALL escorts like to do against us, pop a Hargh'Peng rear and eject warp plasma once they're at about 3km-4km, Anti Matter Spread, Evasive Maneuvers and Attack Pattern Alpha while pulling the ship into Reverse and turning. The enemy, even nimble escorts, will still be trying to turn out of EWP when you, at point blank, will have your entire forward arc on THEIR rear... unload, and usually a 1 shot if you got your buffs up).

Can't tell you how often that trick works in PvP. Had one idiot that fell for it not once, not twice... but 7 times consecutively as my fleet and I just laughed at them.

The lance as it is now IS a 1-shot for most lighter escorts and BoP's. Just need to be a Tac and have all your buffs ready (members of 12th Fleet will attest to watching me in PvP matches with them 1-shotting enemies just as they're about to move in to unload a volley, complaining because I "stole their kill"... lol).

Galaxy-X is NOT a ship for the feeble at skill. You will die horribly and earn the ship the despicable reputation it currently holds.

Pilot it well, and enemies knowing this reputation will pull in expecting an easy kill, and realize how sorely mistaken they truly were.