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09-27-2011, 03:15 PM
I agree and disagree with many of the opinions posted.

I REFUSE to go all turrets. Pathetic DPS and the ship is capable of so very much more (whether many see it or not). You limit yourself if you use that as a crutch, plain and simple.

I personally enjoy 3x Dual Banks up front with a Quantum, 3x Turrets rear with a Hargh'Peng. I have... "tricks" of making sure my enemy finds themselves in my firing arcs, so this isn't a hindrance (note that dual beams and torpedoes have the same arc range of fire).

I used to use cannons, and while the ship can pull off some impressive shots and decisive kills (especially fresh after decloaking for a surprise attack), you become what is widely referred to as a "one trick pony".

You might get that trick off once, before an enemy wises up and learns not to let it happen again. After that, you're useless.

Dual Beams are tremendous DPS, and still offer double the range of cannons. A skilled Captain won't miss the range of single beams, but will still appreciate the range increase over cannons.

But, these are my thoughts/experiences. I enjoy the Galaxy-X in PvP, even moreso with idiots who are silly enough to claim Galaxy-X is weak, and I have the glorious opportunity to shove that down their throats as they die by my hand.