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09-27-2011, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
I'd like to fight you then... or if you're REALLY ambitious, pick a fight with J J of 12th Fleet Tactical.

I can show you a few tricks you might not know about the Galaxy-X (the aforementioned tactic isn't often performed or timed properly... every other Galaxy-X captain I've found has, so far, messed it up). I've many more tricks up my sleeve, particularly against Escorts.

Most (very few exceptions) see the Galaxy-X for purchase, think "OOOHHH! OP LANCE AND CLOAK! I WIN!" ... They pilot it once or twice, and either realize that they can't operate the ship worth a damn and trash it because it actually takes skill, or use the lance as a crutch, and can't operate it without it as a "one trick pony".

I can kill enemies just fine without having to fire my lance or cloak once.

The Captain wins, not the ship.
Well you're right in your description - I know people who bought them exactly for that. I bought one because I've always wanted to Captain it That much said I gave up because I could never quite make it work right - but having done the Tac/Escort thing it's a pretty big transition and one I didn't make smoothly.

I've been playing around with an Assault Cruiser now and gotten a bit better hang of it, so I'd be more than happy to be schooled on how to use the Galaxy-X. I'd love to use it more.

I'm not worried about beating a Galaxy-X one on one with my Escort(s) though. They aren't worth the time to me. It's a long, drawn out fight that honestly I'd probably lose if only to attrition. As I've said I usually only do a volley or two on them and move on, either I get them at a weak moment or I soften them up for someone else. Or I accomplish nothing and fly on.

The only one I've beaten solo (and I said "I think" because he was attacking someone else. He had no damage of his own but he wasn't really firing at me), was when I was at very low hull percent and amped up on GDF with all of my other buffs running.

Like I said I've never otherwise gone toe to toe with one, and realistically if the captain knows what they are doing with it, (as you describe) then I'd probably lose, since the Galaxy-X is a formidable ship even without a good captain.

Edit: I think I'd still prefer the Lance as an opener rather than a finisher, but that is probably just as much due to my limited experience with it.

Edit 2!: Since we're talking about: You mention bringing your frontal weapons to bear - are you using cannons then? Using reverse is a given and a super useful thing to remember - but even then it just seems like they move too slow to be effective with cannons. Again I say that coming from using escorts extensively - naturally everything else feels slow.