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09-27-2011, 07:15 PM
Lance as an opener is an interesting little feature as a Tactical Captain... there are ways to glitch the lance to fire 2 consecutive volleys of the weapon (4x bursts), but gotta be careful since the game still stacks the cooldown (you'll have some 7min or so CD).

Now THAT is a one shot. lol

I change tactics depending on my opponent. Using it as an opener, the enemy tends to expect it and has a bunch of buffs/devices/heals ready for it in advance.

Bait them to waste their cooldowns, pull a maneuver when they aren't expecting it to bring that nose around on a weakened point (perhaps baiting one opponent to fly by an ally, swap targets unexpectedly) THEN unload...

Doesn't have to be an opener or finisher.

Just has to hurt, and there are MANY tricks to maximize that hurt a whole hell of a lot.