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Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
thats peculuar, then again it could have been many different things. Boarding parties, fighters there are honestly far to many things that can 'lock onto' a cloaked vessel when they shouldn't making it very easy to locate and kill a cloaked ship.
Originally Posted by Nychus0
The spot at 20km...hmm high sensors setup EPtA possibly a tachyon detection grid buff, your aux being low, all these apparently affect stealth stuffs according to the tool tips (not that I actually know how it works) My tac in Neb with minimal buffing(just the detection grid personal) has spotted cloaked ships somewhere around 7 kilcks out with low aux settings so I could see someone spotting someone further out with a dedicated setup.
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Last I recall.. some one with:

9 Starship Op, 9 Sensors, 9 Sensor Array
4 Sensor Array Consoles
Deflector with +50 Sensors (Mk XII I think I've heard has that much if it's a Purple on the Market)
Emergency Power to Aux.. I want to say 2 I don't think the Nebula can support 3..
Max Aux (125/100)
Sensor Scan
Tachyeon Grid

Maybe 12-13km out..? But 20km out.. I dunno.. Doesn't really seem feesable..

Maybe you thought you hit Cloak, Roach, but it didn't activate?
All things being possible (especially my own stupidity) I can see the possibility of being spotted at that range. Which is why this isn't a ***** about being spotted but a hunt to find out how I was spotted so I can design to overcome this weakness of my build apparently.

I always expect to be chance spotted in the 11km to 15km range, if only as a temporay ghost on the screen flickering in/out of view.
At the 11km and under range its almost a given that someone is about to spot you if you loiter too long, due to several reasons. (like BFAw)

at 20km its different. If its a bug it needs to be fixed. If its a cheat (yes, I've heard of sites that offer a minimap cheat) its needs to be squashed

Disclaimer: Cheaters never prosper, even if they win a match, becuase they lose the respect of thier peers.
I'll take a premade science spamming , mine flinging ball of SS anyday and think "well that sucked but it was honest" over fighting that indestructible escort that never gets a scratch or that zombie cruiser that gets high damage, never dies and has no healing to show for it at the end of a match.