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09-28-2011, 11:23 AM
Ahh.. beloved Star*Dagger.. I think that post would have been better in the original thread, not this one really.. Since this one is more of a questioning and suggestion of solutions to the Mine spam problem, over the entire combat system of STO..

So, I would then have to ask, what short term suggestions would you be able to provide that would help in the spam and mine catagory and not the long term destruction and rebuilding of the Star Trek Online space combat system in order to make it more of a merging of Rift + SFC?

I'm sure you are trying to be helpful with your usual, and often repeated, suggestion concerning Star Trek Online's space combat areas.

Honestly, the best suggestion I saw posted so far, was one that I thought might work as well, and it was making Mines Like Torpedoes (Higher damage, single Mine) and the Mine Patterns work like High Yield and Spread. (Mines ment for larger targets, or Mines ment for More targets via the Patterns)