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09-28-2011, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by inktomi19d View Post
I generally agree with your post, just wanted to point out that in canon, the "hull" of a ship is mostly just the structural integrity field. Once the SIF goes, the ship pops on the next hit, or just pops from pressure.

In TOS and the TMP era, there wasn't much reference to the SIF, and the audience was generally left to assume that a gaping hole in a starship meant it was about to go boom. But by TNG and later there is a lot of dialogue referencing the SIF, and it is frequently shown in action. As long as the SIF holds, characters in the TNG era don't seem especially worried about walking into areas that have open holes to space.

Listening to the dialogue, it's pretty normal for the SIF to sustain major damage and then be restored. I can think of several times when one of the bridge officers is ticking off "Structural integrity at 75%... 72%..." and then a few seconds after the threat ends, the hull returns to 100%.

Cryptic should just call it 'structural integrity' rather than 'hull' and they'd get rid of this argument. It does take a long time to patch the gaping holes, but the SIF can be stabilized almost instantly.
I like this Idea.