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09-28-2011, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by jdryner View Post
My question is, is the connie buyable on all your Fed characters or just one? I can't find it in the store when I am on the others.

-Sevrin (UFP)/Tarak (KDF)
Once you buy a ship in the C-Store, it's unlocked for all your characters on that faction (and any future characters you make too. HOWEVER, it's only automatically placed in the ship inventory of the first character who purchases it. For other characters to claim it, you sometimes have to go t the C-Store to claim it (it'll say 'purchased' or 'free'); and for some ships you need to go to the ship vendor in Starship Requisitions' (Fed); or the KDF Shipyard. (Pwersonally, I wish they would have stayed consistent and had either all C-Store purchased ships claimed in the Shipyard; or all claimed in teh C-Store interface; but they didn't do it that way.