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09-28-2011, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Ahh.. beloved Star*Dagger.. I think that post would have been better in the original thread, not this one really.. Since this one is more of a questioning and suggestion of solutions to the Mine spam problem, over the entire combat system of STO..

So, I would then have to ask, what short term suggestions would you be able to provide that would help in the spam and mine catagory and not the long term destruction and rebuilding of the Star Trek Online space combat system ...
Actually I posted here because it seems that a dev is actively monitoring it.
One of my points (and the entire set of ideas it is a part of) solves the problem, if the rate of fire of mines is 1 every 5 minutes and that mine is much more dangerous than the screen spam we have now, they would be more useful and more interesting.