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09-28-2011, 05:13 PM
I've always found selling at ESD to the chick in Requisitions gets me the most money, more than recycling in the replicator. Never sell to a Ferengi.

Common anything is throw away material. I would even say Uncommon doesn't really fetch much on the exchange. I only post rare and very rare stuff on the exchange. Make sure to search the exchange for the exact item you're trying to sell before naming your price. There's a heck of a large difference in price for items with special values, like [CrtD]x3, [CrtH]x3, [Acc]x3, etc. I recently sold a Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Acc]x3 for just under 50 million. Just guessing, but I'd say the regular very rare Mk XI quantums are probably around 4-5 mill? So it's worthwhile to investigate before selling.