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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Check in the character sheet if it's actually being healed and not just disappearing from the debuff bar. I've noticed that for some time, they'll clear from the debuff bar but still show up when you cilck the "Injured!" button or go to the free heal at spacedock.
I've actually checked the characters individually and the Major and Critical Injuries disappear from their status screens as well.

For example, last night I was running through "Assimilation" on Advanced Difficulty, where you beam into the Borg cube and find the Undine being assimilated. I was incapacitated so many times during the part where you fight the Fully Assimilated Undine that it wasn't even funny. I had stacked up about 15 different types of injuries on my Captain, but my BOFFs didn't get injured at all (surprising, even though they were all incapacitated as many times as my Captain was).

Anyways, of those 15 or so injuries on my Captain, about 8 of which were Major and 3 were Critical.

The mission ended and I beamed back up into Sector Space. I checked my Captain and of the 15 injuries he had, only 1 was listed on his status screen, and it was a Minor injury. Keep in mind I didn't use any injury-healing items either.