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09-28-2011, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by SBCouto View Post
Yeah, the series wouldn't work out of order so I think, even though it might be a lower level, having it after the higher level just makes sense.

I think there's enough lower level missions anyways, especially if you put in the level 25 start.

I think the people using the graph want to do the stories in order, regardless of the level.
My solution, for example:
Mission 1 - Starts at Level 45+
Mission 2 - Starts at Level 6+
Mission 3 - Starts at Level 31+

This means the series would start at 45+, since that is the highest in the series and it isn't the last mission. Mission2 & 3 would be placed immediately after it (meaning Mission2 & 3 are bumped to level 45/46 on the list)