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09-29-2011, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by frojoe2004 View Post
The least you can do is make them active during combat, and have it give you a subsystem repair buff... if it's a ground pet it could repair machines that are laid by engineers.

But Exocomps are TOOLS for quickly and efficiently repairing broken systems increasing repair time and reducing risk of injury in hazardous environments. Why not make it functional? This is just silly as a non-functional pet!

If it was functional.... even just a minor ship repair buff for having it in your inventory, I'd buy it. But as of now it's a tool that doesn't work. I'd look like a fool haveing a non-functioning exocomp following me around.

If what they released was a Exocomp Enginering Bridge Officer, (the fully intelligent "species") then there wouldn't be a real problem.