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Originally Posted by kirian_darkstar View Post
That's the problem.

a metaphor:

Human being intentioally making "dumber" non-self aware versions of our selves for the purpose of being "tools".

Sounds very much like the selected breeding that happen in the southern United States before the Civil War, and the emancipation of the black SLAVES.

Genetic manipulation was banned centuries before the STO timeline in the Star Trek universe and slavery a century before that, for similar reasons. Intentionally making someone "Better" (the Eugenics Wars) or "Worse" (dumb/uneducated but physically strong slaves) was deemed "wrong" by both the Trek universe and in real life.

How does this same method of thought not apply to a sentient machine intentionally making "dumber" versions of themselves to "do the dirty work" within the Federation?

"A Data on every starship"...
because these are not dumber versions. thats your word. they are non sentient. dumber is not the same thing as non sentient. data is sentient, as far as any android can be. B4 was sentient but was dumber than data. these exocomps are just the basic version that has no self awareness at all.

look at the computer on every ship. its incredibly intelligent but its not self aware. it has no personality, or conciousness. its just a interactive database. is every federation ship a slave? is every replicator? no because they are not self aware, just tools. they have a certain level of understanding of commands but they dont ever think for themselves.

edit - these are basically flying phasers with a targeting sensor that just look like the sentient versions. they dont think for themselves, they just follow pre-programmed commands. ie shot things.