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09-29-2011, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
We are in the process of adding a way for Silver players to pay C-Points or Dilithium to unlock a single foundry editing slot. The details aren't available yet, but know that it is probably coming soon.
Seriously, I don't know why you guys are bothering with all the monthly subscription portion (beyond LTS players like myself) - as honestly, you DO NOT give enough incentive for ANYONE to "go Gold" (IMO) in STO.

That's interesting in that in one of the lst interviews given by DSthal; he said that you guys didn't want to 'destroy their subscription business - but honestly - I don't see what people get for paying $10.00 a month (with $5 of that effectively reimbursed with 400 CP.)

And before anyone starts in with the "You hate Silvers" line - No, I honestly don't. I want to see STO continue to be profitable; and UNLIKE Champuions Online - where Gold (subscription) get you access to Free Forn character creation; STO (with Foundry access being sold on a oer slot basis) (and again IMO) doesn't really give Gold enough in that honestly - taking that $15.00 a month and using it in the C-Store will effective get them LTS access for one character very quickly under the cuurrent C-Store price structure (which it has been said in many an interview and Dev post that they DON'T see C-Store prices rising and again while that isn't a bad thing per se - again; I don't see anything left that would temp me if I were not an LTS already and were an F2P Silver player coming in - to subcribe for gold access to STO - and from what I saw of CO's overall success in F2P - maintaining Subscribers does help; but they seem to be comp;letely abandoning trying to lure monthly subscriptions in STO - and unless they know something I don't; I just don't see how that helps STOs profitability long term.