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09-29-2011, 03:35 PM
I would like to see the Gx brought in line with the AC on turn rate, but, question is what should it give up?

To give it that extra 1.0 turn rate, and Phaser Lance, that would begin tipping the balance and make it a pay2win type of ship. We all went through a great deal to ensure (including Cryptic) to make sure it was not that.

Still perhaps lossing extra tac, and dropping to a LT engineer and give it the ac turn rate and the excel's BO slots? Still that may be too much as well.

Hard to find a compromise that would compare to the standing AC.

Myself, I find no problem with the Gx, love the new skin btw, add to that I run it as a beamer with torps, she does well. I understand her mechanics and fly her directly as a cruiser.

Far as changes? Just remember, her stance vs other cruisers does well, outfitted properly. So to get something, understand it has to loose something. To give it the turn rate and the BO spec we are talking about would make it a touch too much IMHO.