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# 1 Space Combat - error or lag?
09-29-2011, 08:10 PM
So I've noticed that the shield strike animation seen in space combat is off, usually by 90 degrees. I was thinking at first it was just stress and lag on the test server, but the "lag" isn't right...

For example I hit a ship full broadside with phasers on its shielded right side - the enemy ships shields make the impact glow animation on the belly of the ship. Another time, phaser broadside hits the nose of the enemy ship, the shield impact glow flashes briefly on the port side.

Also the same thing is happening on my ship when I am hit. I've even been hit on the front and the shield flashes on the rear! Just to be clear btw I am talking about the actual shield glow being off, NOT the shield levels as displayed in the HUD.