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09-29-2011, 07:22 PM
As a bonus, within the three weeks following when the F2P build is live, we'll be giving out awards to your character on Holodeck based on what you accomplished on Tribble. If you get a Federation character from start to level 11, we'll give you a free 8 hour XP boost item. If you get to level 31, we'll give you a reasonably large chunk of dilithium (exactly how much depends a bit on how the economy tunes up in testing, but this will be a meaningful award). And if you get a character to level 51, we'll give you a bonus ship slot and a unique title that only the most elite Tribblers will have. This award only applies to Federation characters that freshly started on Tribble. It does not apply to characters that transfer in once we open up character transfer.
I am assuming that the testing rewards are account-wide? If not, can they be transferred to an alt? I'd rather give them to a Klingon toon, particularly the XP boost. At any rate, this gives me a bit more of an incentive to test my *** off.