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09-30-2011, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by ellbristow View Post
Huge +1 to this, all of it. I had the same issue when trying to be a 'moron off the street'. I couldn't do anything right off the bat. Had I had the experience I did in any other F2P game, it would have been quickly shelved!
I had exactly the same thing, and I wasn't even "pretending" to be dumb. I just never bothered to ever even look at FPS mode since it came out, because I had no interest in it at all. Then I randomly decided to roll a new toon on Holodeck, and spend about three minutes trying to figure out how the heck to do anything. There is NOTHING on screen that explains any of the keys for getting OUT of FPS mode, and when you move the mouse to try and click anything, you just get whiplash from the silly FPS camera whipping around all over the screen.

The only way I "escaped" FPS mode was to hit the ESC key to get the game options dialog, then go to keyboard shortcuts to figure out what the heck key would turn it off. There is NO WAY a new player could possibly know or understand what is going on with this new mode or how to get out of it in order to accomplish all the interacts and other tasks the tutorial throws at them. If that's how FPS works all the time, then it absolutely needs to be OFF by default on new toons, to avoid having everyone who tries this game crash and burn in 13 seconds and spend the next fifteen minutes googling in frustration trying just to figure out how to PLAY the game.