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09-30-2011, 06:22 AM
About the LCARS on bridges: I've looged on tribble (F2P beta) for 15 minutes today. Enough time to create a random char and play until I arrived on the bridge in the tutorial. And guess what I saw there? LCARS! Not in the usual pattern of yellow we see in the show. It's in the blue style. And since the ship is in red alert, some portions are flashing in red. But this makes to believe that once the game goes F2P, there will be bridges with the canon LCARS, just as the photo on the path to f2p that were posted here.

About the UI. I think it really need to be reviewed. Not just cosmetically, so it feel more trekkie but functionally. There is the issue with the FPS (athough I don't suffer with it, I solidarize with those who does) and they could really make an easier way to you assign key binds than make you edit a text file. And a way to allow you to save the position of all your abilities in diferents ships/officer assignements. It doesn't need to be something to be stored on the servers. Perhaps something like click a button, this save a text file on the user HD. Than when the user whants to change to another profile, it simply opens the file and the game clients load the info. So the game server still to only keeps one user UI profile per character and the user has the ability to switch between diferent profiles.