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09-30-2011, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Anon-E-Mouse
Stop the Signal is only slightly bugged, don't attempt the download in combat.. wait for the music change and then download. The show stopper is the dreadnought at the end.. you can't kill it alone, as it spits Frigates at you.
yea ya can I did finnaly i was being killed untill all the klingons where killed to then it killed me faster so what I did was go and do some defend sector leveled a bit higher then went back and it reset and the klingons where back, and then i beat it , it will reset in about 5 minutes and the klingons where back, biggest thing use asteroids alot to block the small ships from hitting u and focus fire on main ship, dont even bother with the small ships just avoid them and as i said the asteroids help some