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09-30-2011, 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by jewkesman View Post
While i am hoping one day to start out comming off the shuttle pad or transporter pad at SFA, as a 1st year cadet or a returning 4th year cadet(whatever would work best in game).

I will say i do enjoy the current differences.

1.) I noticed for my tactical TTS char i started in security and was sent to the head of security, then told to go to the bridge by way of turbolift. then after contacting the khitomer i get sent to the transporter room.

once aboard the khitomer much is the same, however when you get to main engineering, you find the beam in borg actualy beam in a different hallway then walk into main engineering after that it is all the same except throughout the tutorial you have more informative popups that lead you exactly where you need to go. also i did notice that the points come a ;little faster so far.

Hopefully things get better from here on out.
Would agree with this. Although I personally feel that having some doors open and some don't is a real throw off. That should really be something addressed before going live.