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09-30-2011, 08:58 PM
I haven't found anything yet, nor have I gotten my character on Tribble past Lieutenant (yet), but from what I've heard in conversation with other players is that no, you will not receive a token for a new ship at each promotion - the only way to get a new ship is to grind out Dilithium and buy it.

I don't know if a dev is going to read this, but even if not, if this is confirmed I would urge everyone to make a major issue out of this. I have a lifetime subscription, so it's not like Cryptic is going to lose $15 a month from me if I rage-quit, but I'll be honest, I will likely end up rage-uninstalling if there is no free ship token at promotions. That adds pointless grind to the game, and pretty much everyone I've talked to agrees that the LAST thing STO needs is more grind. KDF is too grindy by far - even on live, I have never gotten a KDF character past Lieutenant Commander. There just isn't enough PVE content outside of explorations and the "kill 10 Federation squadrons" missions, and I dislike the PVP in this game.

Honestly, I think that giving Gold members a ship token at each rank would make going Gold much more appealing for your average player, which is what you should be looking for. To be bluntly honest, the current version of the F2P matrix does not impress me, and I see few advantages to having a subscription over not. This could provide the needed incentive to get those free players to drop 15 a month, at least for a while, and reel them into subscribing when otherwise they would feel no real motivation to pay.