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09-30-2011, 11:40 PM
I would aalso strongly suggest NOT to start with shooter mode. As a new player you see a lot of things you need to click on, but at the beginning of the tutorial thee is nothing you need to shhot.

Hence, the first thing players need to do is to get out of shotter mode and probably stay out of it, since they have to continue clicking.

My suggestion to improve this would be:

Start off in RPG mode untill you get to the Borg and need to start shooting. Here the helpscreen should pop up with the Info how to get in and out of shooter mode.

There is really no value in putting players by default into shooter mode when they have to get out of it to even get into the first gound combat area.

On the positive side, I like the new addition at the beginning and the tutorial now runs much soother than I remembered it. This is probably due to the ground combat update that makes the ground combat much faster.

I do agree with the idea of the OP that of course an all different start from Starfleet Academy and as a shuttle pilot would be cool, but the action start in the Borg battle is fine and to be honest, the intro of "Spock" would not fit to a launch form Starfleet Academy.

So in short, good intro, but please rethink the shooter mode start, it really does not add any value.