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10-01-2011, 02:29 AM
Disapointing in the extreme.

Why have SFA at all? You aren't using it and what is there is just pitiful. Is that it? Another dead social zone with a couple of tiny quests. Why spend so much time on a whole zone that you aren't using as an intregal part of the beginning of the game? I honestly don't get your thinking here.

How are the damn holodecks supposed to work? I thought you might fix this, but no, I still have to beam to my ship to continue a mission that is supposed to be inside the damn holodeck. Why go to the holodeck at all then? What are they for?

It's just like always with you guys. You throw in a few crumbs here and there, polish up some stuff, and add a few lame mechanics and scream "It's new and great and wonderful now!" Well, sorry, but it isn't.

Let me rephrase that: "It STILL isn't!"

Deep Space 9? That's it? A couple of kiosks on the promenade, an office and green panels for ops? Crappy lighting in Quarks and green lights everywhere else? It's practically unchanged. That's the really huge "revamp" of DS9?

Still adding I guess? Still in progress? Just forget it. Hang it up. I'm so sick of this crap. Huge mega unreal stupendous stuff!!!!!! And then, ... what we really get.

I'm not even going to play this for free. I honestly don't see how any one would.

I see this game doing exactly as it always has. Interest at launch of FTP that quickly fades off until hardly any one is playing anymore.

Very disapointing.