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Originally Posted by LordOfPit View Post
OK, so I'm a Rear Admiral 3 now, and I went over to the Hotep system to try out the Collateral Damage mission. Upon reaching the planet, the Borg and Undine were fighting, killed one another before I finished reading all the text my Bridge Officer threw at me, which may be a problem if the Devs didn't intend this to be possible, but it's all good since the way to the planet was clear either way.

So, I beam down... and after reading the sit-rep from my Bridge Officer, I immediately attack the Undine and Borg, vaporize them all and... there's nothing there. No colonist to save, no civilian, no nothing! However, the spot where the colonist was supposed to stand, was reactive, so I did get the "Tag for Beamout" prompt at which I enthusiastically pressed my 'F' key.

All good, I thought to myself, and rushed to the next encounter. So, after several encounters, that were not even counted by the game, I managed to tag 5 "nothings" for Beamout, after which the Borg Force Field Nodes weren't even activated so I couldn't target and destroy them to drop the Borg Shield!

Long story short, I had to drop and re-take the mission and re-do the whole thing and this time, Cryptic-knows-why it all worked as planned. I think that's a bug, but I really don't know how it could be reproduced since I haven't done anything special, other than perhaps allowing the Undine and Borg to destroy themselves above the planet before beaming down.

And now, for my question: In that last stage, when you have to defend the escaping shuttles, were the Borg Spheres actually pushing my ship away? It was extremely annoying especially since there wasn't (as far as I could see) any indication that it actually was the Borg pushing me away from them and the shuttles, it all seemed like I was constantly rubber-banding!
Did you tag the colonist on the first run through? Where the Borg and Undine are fighting at the spawn point there are several pieces of Borg equipment. The Colonist behind one of the columns has to be tagged for transport or else the mission will be exactly as you described it; no Colonists by the other Borg mobs and the force field nodes will remain inactive.
I assume you tagged the Colonist on the first run through seeing as you said you changed nothing but the mission completed on the second run through, but I ask because I had the mission in this state once after forgetting to beam up the first Colonist.