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10-01-2011, 05:14 AM
About a month ago, I did "Infected" on my Fed VA Tac. It went fine until we got to the last room. I was on the jumping team, we did fine, that wasn't the issue. We were fighting the end boss and doing okay for a while, staying spaced apart and all that and then all of a sudden, four of five of us were dead, me included.

I was thinking, great, now we're gonna have to do that over again.. but no. The other VA Tac on the team basically says "Just stay there, I got this". He proceeds to, at point blank range, tank her and defeat her over the course of the next minute or two. He had a couple of close calls but overall, I was surprised at how survivable he was, he may have even had a bit of aggro from some respawning drones, but I cannot remember.

Obviously, this is something I should have asked him at the time, but I had too much else going on...

So I'm looking for advice on the most effective way to spec a tactical officer for tanking in ground combat, especially since I'm about to respec my space skills, so may as well do everything at once.

Any replies and help would be appreciated.