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10-01-2011, 05:18 AM
I have this to say about starting off in the Security Armory as a TAC: I want that room as part of the player ship deck plans! It's too cool to waist on a one off that you can't see again without making a new character! I don't care if it serves no other function than eye candy.

Anyway, I appreciated the change of where the toons start in the tutorial. Having to leave your station and get to the turbolift by going down the hall makes a LOT more sense during an emergency alert than having been hanging out in the lounge and then taking the turbolift straight from the lounge without having to go down the hall to get to it.

I like the new bridge, but it IS a bit disconcerting that it's not the same one once I got control of the ship. However, I just put it down to the previous bridge having been so damaged that the Shipyard swapped modules or something.

Please move the introduction of the shooter mode closer to when we'd first actually need it. it's a bit awkward to start out with it and have to switch it off.

I liked the touches with how the Borg were invading engineering from side corridors rather than beeming straight into the middle of the crossfire that was previously there.

I can't really tell if combat is actually smoother yet, since i had my graphics turned up to look at the shiny new stuff. My laptop can't quite handle that without slowing my toon down. Once I've adjusted it, i'll let you know. On the other hand, with the graphics all the way up, I can see that a lot of work had been put into making the game look great! ^-^